FAQ'S - Publishers

How does the program work?

It is very simple. After your no obligation registration with XXXWebTraffic.com you will be given a small piece of html code within the "Get Code" section of your admin area. You simply place this code on your page according to the instructions and ads will begin to appear once we have ads that match your content.

How much do I get paid?

You will be paid 60% of the ad revenue generated by your site. For more detailed information on average pay rates, please visit the Publishers section of the XXXWebTraffic.com site.

When are payments issued?

Payments will be issued on the 15th of every month for the earnings of the previous month. Payments are made by check or PayPal depending on your set preferences.

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing, publishers of XXXWebTraffic.com are able to participate in our program for no cost.

Can I use XXXWebTraffic.com code on more than one website?

Because of our contextual technology and screening procedures we do not allow this. You are able to register as many sites as you wish within your account area, and use the code generated for each site.

Can I send traffic from any site?

No. We will not accept traffic from any illegal sites (including, but not limited to warez, ROM's, EMU's newsgroup postings, spam emails, underage models, or bestiality) or non-adult content sites. Please see our terms of service for complete details as to what we deem to be acceptable. As well, any falsification of traffic will be grounds for immediate termination from the program and the forfeiture of any accrued payments.

Do you accept non-English websites?

Though we accept traffic from sites world wide, the majority of content on these sites must be English speaking.

How do I create links?

You will be provided with a member panel within your admin area where you will be able to create links any time by clicking the "Get Code" selection on the menu.

Where should I place the code on my site?

Please refer to the "Get Code" section within your admin area.

Can minors join XXXWebTraffic.com?

No person under the age of 18 is permitted to participate in the XXXWebTraffic.com publisher program. Due to the adult nature of the sites, this is non-negotiable.

How often is the earnings statement updated?

Updated statistics generally load every 24-72 hours within your admin area.

Can I place more than one ad code on each page?

No, you may only place one ad code per page.

How quickly will the XXXWebTraffic.com ads start operating on my site?

After successfully adding the XXXWebTraffic.com html code to your pages, banner ads will start running right away as long as there is inventory to meet your content. It may take up to 24hrs to display inline and text ads.

How do you prevent click and page impression spam?

Any methods used to artificially or fraudulently generate clicks or page impressions are strictly prohibited. These methods include, but are not limited to: repeated manual clicks, using robots, automated clicking tools, deceptive software, clicking your own ad or encouraging users to click ads on your site.

Can I display ads on search results pages?

Yes, XXXWebTraffic.com allows ads to be placed on search results pages. Please submit your publisher ID to your account manager for updated account settings.

I want to display more specific advertisements from my Web site. How can I do that?

XXXWebTraffic.com provides the real time keyword optimizing tool for the CPC text banner and text link. Publishers can choose up to 5 keywords/ keyword phrase manually for the ad banners and text links by adding this line into their current ad codes:

XXXWebTraffic _search = ["keyword1", "keyword2", "keyword3", "keyword4", "keyword5"];
Once the 'XXXWebTraffic _search' line is added, the system will deliver ads based on these keyword(s) there. Please note that this edit tool is only available for the banners and text links only (not pop-under), and it only reads the first 5 keywords there.