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Since 2002
XXXWebTraffic.com has been serving the adult industry since 2002. In January of 2007 we decided to begin running the network from a contextual platform. This decision was made after collecting feedback from our many advertisers regarding the importance of niche targeted traffic to their sites. As internet marketing maintains its rapid development and growth, we continue to meet the challenge head on by constantly working to further develop new strategies and improve our technology. Our goal remains the same; to provide adult webmasters a web traffic program to call their own, and provide the best return on their advertising dollar through the delivery of niche targeted adult traffic.
XXXWebTraffic.com is a sister company of Yesup Ecommerce Solutions Inc. Yesup was founded in 1999 and incorporated under the name Yesup Ecommerce Solutions Inc. in 2001, headquartered in the city of Toronto Canada. Yesup delivers ecommerce solutions to its clients in the areas of high quality design, programming, technical expertise, development and marketing innovation.