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XXXWebTraffic is an online adult advertising network dedicated to providing adult advertisers with highly targeted niche advertising. XXXWebTraffic is the credible platform designed with the adult industry in mind. We are here to help you succeed.
advertisers - Adult Marketing Service
adult affiliate programsXXXWebTraffic.com is committed to providing adult advertisers with quality adult traffic targeted to their niches. Our contextual advertising technology will maximize your advertising dollar by only placing your advertisements on publisher site pages with relevant content to your products or services. Adult traffic, as we all know, is useless unless it is the traffic you need for your specific niche.
By using keywords and channels related to your specific adult content, we are able to match your ads to only the traffic you are looking for. XXXWebTraffic.com delivers highly targeted contextual adult ads that go well beyond the traditional online adult web traffic sources available today.
publishers - Adult Affiliate Program
PublishersXXXWebTraffic.com provides our publishers with the support and services they require to succeed. Our contextual adult advertising service allows online visitors to enjoy the content of the adult publisher site and also bring earnings to the webmaster of that site.
XXXWebTraffic.com pays our publishers 60% of the advertising revenue for the opportunity to place targeted advertisements on their sites and blogs. Payments are processed on a bi-weekly basis and are available through PayPal or check. Media offerings include pop-unders, text banners, graphical and rich media banners, inline text ads, search boxes, and XML feeds. All offerings run on our contextual platform and ensure our publishers earn higher earnings from the targeted adult traffic.